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Terms & Conditions

Energy Supply Contracts

  1. The R.E.G Energy Services (Norfolk) Ltd will always act honestly and in the best interests of the Client.
  2. We will, after Tender analysis, recommend to our Client which of the Supplier’s offers to accept.
  3. Our Client will make the final decision as to which Supplier’s offer to accept.
  4. Where a management fee has been agreed between the Client and R. E. G. Energy Services (Norfolk) Ltd, this amount will be invoiced annually.
  5. All Energy Supply Contracts will be subject to the relevant Supplier’s Terms and Conditions.
  6. The client will complete and sign a Letter of Authority, on their letter head, giving permission for R.E.G Energy Services (Norfolk) Ltd to act on their behalf, to cover the Data Protection Act.
  7. The client will provide past copy invoices to collate data for tender documents, which will be sent to all relevant suppliers to invite contract offers.

Utility Services (Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water)

  1. R. E. G. Energy Services (Norfolk) Ltd will “project manage” the delivery of utility connections to a development, from the initial compilation of plans and data, to formal application to each Utility Service Company through to the final connection to the meter.
  2. Consultant fees are based on Hourly, Half-Daily and Daily charges.
  3. As all projects vary in their requirements, an ESTIMATED range of fees will be provided prior to commencing work on a project.
  4. If a project takes longer, and/or more time is spent on the project than that originally assessed, then this would necessitate an increase in the Consultant’s fees beyond the estimated range of fees.
  5. Long term projects will be quarterly invoiced, and a final invoice issued at the completion of the project.
  6. All matters relating to the “delivery” of Utility Service connections should be directed through R. E. G. Energy Services (Norfolk) Ltd.
  7. Our client will be responsible for all required payments to the relevant utility company/companies for the completion of the service connections and subsequent consumption bills.


  1. All invoices to be paid within twenty-eight days of the invoice date. Payment of invoices can be made by cheque or through BACS.


  1. All other utility consultant projects will be based on an Hourly, Half Daily and Daily basis and invoiced in accordance with the consultant services already stated above.
Contact Us

For more information on any of our services, please contact R.E.G Energy Services (Norfolk) Ltd on 01263 731430 or e-mail info@regenergyservices.co.uk.