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Other Services

We can arrange the upgrade of existing and electricity supplies and arrange the diversion of the electricity gas and water supplies.

Voltage Optimisers

Thinking about doing your part to help the environment? Well, we can help! We can provide yourselves with a Voltage Optimiser!

A Voltage Optimiser will not only cut your carbon footprint by up to 19%*, but it will also reduce your enery bill!
Voltage Optimisers reduce the voltage to its most efficent level at around 220 volts and minimises the energy that is wasted in both heat and vibration.

We can provide for any sized company as the Voltage Optimers come in a whole range of sizes.

LED Flood Lighting

Save energy, energy costs and improve lighting by installing light fittings. Use a fraction of the energy you now use to provide the same and better light levels.

We have teamed up with a leading UK manufacturer of L.E.D Lighting, which means we can provide a site survey, obtain a detailed lighting design and a quotation to supply the light fittings.

Contact Us

For more information on Voltage Optimisers, LED Lighting or to arrange a site visit, please contact R.E.G Energy Services (Norfolk) Ltd on 01263 731430 or e-mail info@regenergyservices.co.uk.